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Albuquerque Foerign Auto Parts Inc  
Since 1984 Albuquerque Foreign Auto Parts Inc., has been serving the Automotive Repair Professional, New and Used Car Dealerships, Auto Recyclers, and the Do it yourself individual with Quality Recycled OEM Parts. USED OEM PARTS SAVE YOU MONEY ON ALL YOUR REPAIRS. Family owned and managed, we maintain the friendly, professional customer service we are known for along with our competitive pricing. Albuquerque Foreign Auto Parts Inc., is licensed and bonded in accordance with New Mexico State Statute. Holding Various Permits as required by Federal, State, and local governing authorities. We are a GOLD SEAL Certified Auto Recycler by the Automotive Recyclers Association. We are also URG 8000 accredited. View our independently conducted Customer Service Surveys. We are proud members of the following professional organizations. Automotive Recyclers Association United Recyclers Group New Mexico Automotive Recyclers Association TEAM PRP TEAM PRP We continually reinvest in our Company, making sure we stay competitive and maintain a training program to ensure our staff are up to date on the latest in Interchange, Technologies, Environmental Issues, and the Latest techniques in our industry.
Business Type: Auto Parts and Accessories
Business Type: Auto Repairs and Service
New/Used: New
New/Used: Used
References Available: Yes


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Address: 5028 Broadway Blvd SE & 5040 Broadway Blvd SE
Albuquerque, NM 87105
Phone: 505-873-0616
Monday -Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Albuquerque Foerign Auto Parts Inc — Autos — Albuquerque

Products: Auto Parts and Accessories
Specialties: Auto Repair, Auto Parts and Accessories
Business Types: Repairs, Maintenance, Service, Autos, Parts and Accessories
Service Area: Albuquerque
Year Founded: 1984
Zip Codes: 87101, 87102, 87103, 87104, 87105, 87106, 87107, 87108, 87109, 87110
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