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Buffalo Exchange  

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The first Buffalo Exchange opened in 1974 in Tucson, Arizona by Kerstin and Spencer Block. To our knowledge, this was the very first store that bought, sold, traded and took clothing items and accessories on consignment. Kerstin, being Swedish, thought the word 'Buffalo' was very American. And since the store was going to be an 'Exchange,' the store's name was born. The store was in a 450 square foot space that had been an old union office on a side street near the University of Arizona. Kerstin's love of fashion and thrill in finding a bargain combined to create the company that now has 43 stores and 2 franchises in 15 states, with $64.4 million a year in revenue (as of Dec 2010). Buffalo Exchange is an independent and privately held company and the founders manage the day-to-day business. Kerstin and her daughter Rebecca still own and run Buffalo Exchange out of Tucson. Read more about Kerstin Block in her bio.


It is the purpose of Buffalo Exchange to lead the resale fashion industry, provide a livelihood for its employees, a fair return to its owners and achieve sustainable profitability by:

  • Being the most beneficial place for its customers to buy, sell and trade new and recycled clothing 
  • Having a rewarding workplace 
  • Acting with integrity 
  • Being self-righting 
  • Functioning in a socially responsible manner 
  • Promoting fun and enjoyment
Business Type: Department and Clothing Store
Sales Type: Wholesale
Sales Type: Retail

"I don't know what I love more about Buffalo Exchange -- it's either their genuine and down-to-earth staff who are always a pleasure to talk with or their amazing selection of awesome clothes at great prices. I have sold on countless occasions and the buyers inspect every piece of clothing very carefully, often finding some flaws I missed. I appreciate their careful inspection; I know when I am buying there that their clothing has already passed the test. Out of all the stores I have had a pleasure of visiting they have never fallen short on service, friendliness, and a wonderful selection. I would like to hand it to Buffalo Exchange for creating not only a store, but a brilliant and unparallel experience for its shoppers!"

-Lorelai, San Antonio, TX

"I went in for my first time and I found a brand new $100 Rampage bag, I only paid $15 for it!! It had all the original tags and is beautiful! I LOVE the bag, and I can't wait to go back to the store to find more great things!!!"

-Roberta, Medford, MA


Buffalo Exchange
Address: 3005 Central Ave NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106
Phone: 505-262-0098
E-mail: mlivingston@bufex.com.
Fax: 5052620098

Buffalo Exchange — Shopping — Albuquerque

Products: Men and Women's Clothing
Services: Buy, Sell, Trade
Specialties: Buy, Sell, Trade
Business Types: Clothing Store, Boutique, Consignment Store
Service Area: Albuquerque
Zip Codes: 87101, 87102, 87103, 87104, 87105, 87106, 87107, 87108, 87109, 87110, 87111, 87112, 87113, 87114, 87115, 87116, 87117
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