Nexus Brewery - The place to be in Albuquerque!
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Address: 4730 E Pan American
Albuquerque, NM 87104
Phone: 505-242-4100
Mon-Fri 8:00a.m.-5p.m.
Alcohol Served: Yes
Nexus Brewery  
Hello Nexus Neighbors,

When I told my wife that I was going to quit my banking job and open a brewery, she said, "Great!" I felt like I was in the middle of my favorite Star Trek: The Next Generation movie, where Captain Kirk and Picard gets pulled into the NEXUS, a heavenly place where everything is perfect... to open an establishment that rivals Kirk's nirvana, oh my goodness, I have to do this! First, we'll take a cue from Milwaukee's history book and create great tasting beer that will make Albuquerque "famous".

Next up, we'll pour that famous great tasting beer in a place where there's an opportunity to NEXUS (or connect) with people you might never have had a chance to meet, to become a member of a dynamic organization, to enjoy music and to spend some time in an environment that exists solely to give you pleasure. Nexus Brewery IS definitely about the beer (9 taps and counting), but it is so much more - it's the Exbeerience! 

The NEXUS BREWERY Exbeerience = Connection**Music**Socializing***BEER! 

And for me, it doesn't get much more perfect than that! 

At your service,

Ken Carson, Owner
Nexus Brewery

Nexus Brewery — Restaurant — Albuquerque

Specialties: Food, Live Music, Brewery, Beer, Open 7 Days a Week
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